Tuesday, December 13, 2011

love news!

“The only certain thing about the future is that it will surprise even those who have seen furthest into it.”
― E.J. Hobsbawm

{Hopes & Dreams} News....

Josh and I are ENGAGED!!!!

Being the mushy gushy lovey dovey couple that we are- we had talked about tying the knot for quite some time. I had a sneaking suspicion that is was coming up, but he did a perfect job of surprising me last Thursday night! 

He popped the question at the end of our walk at the Atlanta Botanical Garden's on bended knee in front of a giant Christmas tree. It was just perfect and I hopped around squealing for near half an hour. "We're getting married!!!" "We can be together forever!!!" "This is going to be so fun!!!"

We bought a love dove ornament in the gift shop for our tree as a memory of the night 
{ya know, like somehow I will ever forget this....no}

Such a surprisingly WONDERFUL night! I am SO IN LOVE!!! 

The goods:

I can't even think of anything to say- I just love it and him so much! My heart literally jumps when I look at the ring- I get to be with JSH forever! "This is going to be so fun!!!" 

Oh and as-if you had any doubts- I own every single Winter issue of bridal magazines published in 2011. Thank you to friends and family who gave me copies- you know the way to my heart! 

Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone for your sweet words and kind blessings. We are beyond excited to plan our wedding and our life together. 

Love :) amc 

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  1. yaaaay! Been stalking your blog all week for this post :) LOVE it! Soo happy for you.



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