Thursday, April 26, 2012

pleats & prints

Even though yesterday I sort of ripped on americasmart's lack of lamps...they made it up to me in their abundance of apparel. 

Today's purchases:

Textured, graphic, super colorful shorts & a bright coral top to match. 

This might be "girl-normal" or it could be "amanda-crazy"... Either way, I go to Pinterest for outfit ideas when I make a new purchase. Granted these particular shorts don't warrant toooo many options... but here are some sassy short outfit inspirations: 

sexy :)

love pairing the bright shorts w a bright top
{these bad boys are from Gap}

nude wedges are a must for loud shorts

precious outfit! 

I also snagged a precious bow top and a short pleated skirt. The top "looks just like you, amanda!" but the skirt is a new venture for me. 

What do you have for me Pinterest? 

My new skirt is navy- very wearable! 
{in case you were worried, I hate the shoes}

What? I can pair it with stripes! Yesssss

So very cute! I will probably pair my pleats with a T and blazer for work. 

getting ready in the a.m. is just so much easier with new outfits 
:) amc

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